Saturday, November 9, 2013


"Fall Flower Bed" by Stephanie Berry

I did this one late this summer while the asters were still blooming.  It hung in our dining room for a while where it bothered and nagged me.  So I finally put it back on the easel and made multiple changes.  This is a theme I love.  I find as much if not more beauty in a dying garden as when it's in full bloom.  The colors become more delicate and the skeletons of stems and branches add gentle chaos.  I have a lot of coneflowers in our flower beds and rather than deadhead them I leave most for the goldfinches who seem to love their seeds.  Now I'm going to go hang this in our sunroom!
30x20" oil on linen   copyright 2013

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

I think this is a wonderful painting and I spent some time looking at it. Quite large - it must make a lovely impact with the beautiful colors and harmony. One of my favs of yours I think.