Saturday, November 23, 2013


"Frank and Maynard" by Stephanie Berry
I continue to work on a series using old photos of our neighbor and friend.  We figured  his father Frank must have been 16 when this photo was taken.  I love the confident poses of both men who had obviously been playing a little football but their real game in life was farming.

24x20" oil on linen      copyright 2013


Hilje van Beijnum said...

This a wonderful painting, Stephanie! You painted the confident poses of both men and the shadows of the clothes beautifully. Also Love the color palette you used. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Bobbi Heath said...

Stephanie, this is really fantastic! You've brought the photo to life.

hmuxo said...

Excellent painting!!

Robin Rosenthal said...

Love this painting. The men look so comfortable and confident. I really like the colors and composition. Just great. Happy Holidays.