Tuesday, December 31, 2013


"Winter Woods" by Stephanie Berry
What a busy, busy month it's been.  I always look forward to the post-holiday time thinking I'll paint a LOT.  It doesn't always work that way but here's hoping.  Maine got slammed with winter cold and snow early and it hasn't let up.  It's about 10 degrees right now and the next few days will probably be colder.  We had an ice storm over a week ago and the trees still have little icicles hanging from their branches.  Very pretty in morning and evening sun--that is if there is sun.  I did this painting about a month ago.  It's a view from my studio.  Hope you all have a Happy and Blessed New Year!!

30x36" oil on canvas     copyright 2013


Hilje van Beijnum said...

Very beautiful, Stephanie! It's great how you painted the sunlight what shines through the trees on the snow. I wish you a very happy, creative and inspirational New Year!

Robin Rosenthal said...

I really like the cold atmosphere in this painting. I can feel the chill and it's very expressive. I like all the grays.