Sunday, January 12, 2014


"Mushroom Family" by Stephanie Berry
Happy New Year Everyone!  Not so new anymore.  Weather, post-holiday stuff and a cold have slowed my painting time but I hope to get back into the groove now.  This is a painting I did in the fall.  It was a large cluster of mushrooms growing on a dead stump.  One tightly knit group!

10x8" oil on linen     copyright 2014


Carol Flatt said...

i love your brushwork in this, Stephanie! It suits the subject well. Don't mushrooms sometimes grow in funny places?

hmuxo said...

Very nice painting, Stephanie!!! and I missed your last piece.."Winter woods" ..its an amazing painting...A beautiful scene with perfect shadows..

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love the paint quality in this one. I did not know they grew in clusters that way. Are they really that beautiful color?