Wednesday, March 5, 2014


"Little Sisters" by Stephanie Berry
This is a painting of my mother-in-law and her 2 sisters.  I LOVE the photo of them that I used as reference for this painting.  I did the sweaters green and the shed siding red originally but my husband was pretty sure the siding was green so I reversed them which improved things.  Sweet little girls--now lovely ladies!

24x20" oil on linen     copyright 2014


hmuxo said...

These three girls are painted so beautifully !! You are so incredibly talented to have painted this portrait so, so well! Congratulations!!!!

Linda Nickles said...

Stephanie, this is wonderful! I love the expressions you captured, and the different body postures, including the clasped hands! I can definitely see that they are sisters. Also, your husband has a good eye!

Susan said...

Beautifully painted - and their expressions and postures are a pure delight! Bravo,Stephanie!